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Lake Silt Removal Project

During 2018-9, the trustees oversaw two waves of hydraulic dredging to remove silt and muck from the lake, attaining a water depth of approximately 3 feet or more over most of the lake. Prior to dredging, some places had a water depth of less than one inch.

The remaining lake work is to remove the rock, gravel, muck and silt that comprises a peninsula where Creve Couer Creek enters the western end of the lake. The trustees have contracted with Artisan Constructors of Wildwood, Missouri, to remove the material via mechanical dredging with heavy equipment. The original plan was to remove the material during the winter, while the ground was frozen. Unfortunately, for the first time in more than a dozen years, this winter the ground never froze.

The trustees are asking forebearance of all residents, and especially those near the lake, when the dredging begins. Large gasoline-fueled pumps will be installed on the dam, pumping water over the dam to lower the level of the lake and permit heavy equipment to operate on the western end of the lake. The pumps must run 24 hours a day to be effective.

On March 2, Tom Roberts of Artisan summarized the situation in an email to the trustees:

I visited jobsite at 10:16 am this morning and took a video.  The creek was still flowing at a moderate pace.

There are several factors here to consider before we pull the trigger…

1.  The volume of water flowing into lake.
2.  Locating dry material to haul in to mix with our wet material, in order to haul out (which does exist currently....ground is saturated!)
3.  Saturated site conditions resulting in access road compromises, damage, etc.
4.  No precipitation forecast for stretch to complete project.

Its simply too wet currently to start this week, however, the sun and warm up will certainly start to help our cause.
Given Artisan holds 100% of the financial risk should things not go as planned, we will not start this job until our internal criteria is mainly met.

The frozen ground concept was obviously preferred, but mother nature didn't produce those conditions.

Now, we are at the mercy of mother nature delivering on our next set of requirements.  They are….
1.  Ground to dry up somewhat
2.  Creek to slow its flow
3.  No precipation for 4-5 days
4.  Access to dry dirt

We are monitoring this daily and will keep you updated as we see a favorable window to complete.

Questions? Please contact the trustee for your area.
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