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During 2014, residents cleared honeysuckle and other brush from common areas, creating great new hiking trails for you and your family that take you close to our creeks, lake, ball field, The Millennium Tree (now fallen) and connect different sections of Claymont Woods.  Please be aware that at certain points you are near neighbor’s homes and crossing private property.  Your respect for the land and neighbor’s property is appreciated.  Now get your boots on! 

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Woodsbluff Trail
  This trail runs from the steps at the corner of Woodsbluff  and Claymont Estates Drive.  This low level trail winds through the length of the woods above Woodsbluff Dr. and connects to the Millennium Tree Trail at the cul-de-sac.  Honeysuckle from last fall’s pick up was mulched and used to make this trail.
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Millennium Tree Trail
 This flat trail runs from the Woodsbluff cul-de-sac past Claymont Woods’ treasure…The Millennium Tree; a 260-310 year old Red Oak.  It continues along the creek to Denwoods Drive where it is a short, but steep climb to the sidewalk.
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Creek View Trail This trail runs from right field at the ball field along the creek and connects with an old horse trail that runs back along the ridge and ends up at the top of the hill near the monument on Claymont Estates Drive.  Though still a little rugged, this is a very scenic hike along the creek.
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The Stable Hill Trail  This trail starts on Millstream at the edge of Claymont Woods neighborhood and Chesterton Lane Neighborhood, there is a large loop that overlooks Baxter Rd and the Horse Stable.  The trail opens up the 6.5 acres of common ground for everyone to enjoy.
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Thanks Neil for all your work!!!!

We appreciate all your work for getting these trails going!!!! for full post...

Posted on Wednesday Apr 27, 2011 @ 10:26 PM by dwilliams
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